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    XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover

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    The XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover is the ideal habitat for keen gardeners and plant enthusiasts. This greenhouse, made with PE mesh fabric and galvanized steel, is durable and functional to fulfill your gardening aspirations. The 0.5 oz/ft2 PE mesh fabric allows for optimal circulation while protecting your plants from pests and severe weather.

    XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover

    This greenhouse has six strategically positioned side windows and a door for good ventilation and access. The windows allow you to easily watch your plants and provide plenty of natural light. The door makes entering and exiting the greenhouse easy.
    The galvanized steel frame is sturdy and rust-resistant. This assures that your XL Greenhouse will last for years and provide the perfect home for your plants.
    The XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover protects and nurtures your plants. Unleash your gardening skills and watch your backyard bloom into a paradise.

    Features and Benefits:

    • GALVANIZED STEEL: Strong and corrosion-resistant. It can survive every weather because to its high-quality materials.
    • SIX SIDE WINDOWS AND A BIG DOOR: Enable plenty of natural light into the greenhouse. This ideal sunshine exposure stimulates plant photosynthesis and growth, reducing the need for daytime artificial illumination. This large doorway makes it easy to bring plants, tools, and other gardening supplies in and out, making gardening a breeze.
    • XL GREENHOUSE: Provide plenty of area for plants and gardening. Its size lets you grow and experiment with several plant varieties.
    • PE MESH FABRIC: Keeps pests and insects out of the greenhouse while letting air and light in. This protects plants against pests and disease.
    • EASY INSTALLATION AND PORTABILITY: The greenhouse's user-friendly instructions and galvanized steel frame make assembly simple. The greenhouse may be moved or disassembled for storage during off-seasons or when needed because to its lightweight materials.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE: The XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover can be tailored to gardening needs. Windows and a door enable adjustable temperature and humidity control and space optimization with shelving, benches, and hanging systems.
    • PERFECT FOR ORGANIC GROWING: Due to their mesh covers and good airflow. Increased airflow lowers fungal and bacterial illnesses, and the mesh material protects plants without chemicals, encouraging healthier and more sustainable farming.


    • Color: Green
    • Material: PE (polyethylene) mesh fabric; galvanized steel
    • Dimensions: 14.8' x 6.6' x 6.6' (W x D x H)
    • Density of PE mesh fabric: 0.5 oz/ft²
    • With 6 side windows and 1 door
    • Size of window: 15" x 15" (L x W)
    • Size of door: 39.4" x 72.8" (W x H)
    • Assembly required: Yes
    XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover
    XL Greenhouse with Mesh Cover

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