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    New Arrivals

    This is a collection of new and high-quality  products of Hardy Garden. 

    Stay on top of the latest gardening trends with our collection of new arrival gardening products. From the newest to the latest tools and equipment, our new arrival collection will help you take your garden to the next level.

    Shop now and be the first to get your hands on the newest gardening products.


    Solar Floor Lamp Outdoor


    Garden Tool Storage Shed | Metal Shed


    Self Watering Hanging Planters

    $38.99 $45.69

    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    $35.49 $43.99

    Black & Green

    Corded Electric Lawn Mower

    $139.99 $160.99

    15 Tines Adjustable Leaf Rake with Telescoping Handle

    $22.99 $35.99

    Shovel Round Point | Round Point Shovel - 54' Fiberglass Handle

    $32.99 $45.49

    Transfer Shovel with 57.67" Fiberglass Long Handle

    $24.99 $35.49