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    Discover the top-selling products at Hardy Garden! Browse our selection of the most popular garden tools, plants, soil enhancers, and accessories. Find the perfect addition to your garden today.

    Hardy Gardens own Natures Perfect Organic Soil Enhancer

    $25.49 $37.00

    Hardy Garden Gift Card
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    Hardy Garden Gift Card

    $9.00 $38.00

    Digital Soil pH Meter
    Digital Soil pH Meter

    Digital Soil pH Meter


    Trellis Obelisk
    Garden Trellis -6.2ft
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    Black Metal Trellis, Black Trellis - 6.2ft

    $45.49 $78.69

    Metal Raised Garden Bed

    $83.99 $105.99


    3 Piece Garden Furniture Set

    $205.99 $269.99

    4Pcs Rolling Plant Stand

    $46.99 $59.99

    100 ft Garden Hose, Stainless Steel Garden Hose

    $79.99 $99.99