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    Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

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    This Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow shines with its exceptional features and robust construction. Not only does it provide strength and stability, but it also ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for all your hauling anything.
    This Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow can handle your heaviest loads. Load supplies weighing up to 220 lbs on the flat platform, and thanks to its ingeniously designed tilted shape, you can effortlessly hold and dump up to 176lbs of materials. This means you can transport large amounts of soil, plants, rocks, or any other essentials in one go, saving you time and effort.

    Transportation becomes a breeze with the 180-degree turn range of the Garden Dump Cart handle. You can adjust the angle as needed, making maneuvering through tight spaces and sharp corners a stress-free experience. No more struggling to navigate narrow pathways or cramped garden areas. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow is built to make your life easier.
    Durability and lightness go hand in hand with our exceptional Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow. It becomes an indispensable tool in your everyday life. Once you reach your destination, unloading supplies such as compost, sand or gravel becomes a seamless process. Say goodbye to back-breaking labor and hello to efficiency and convenience.

    One of the standout features of this wheelbarrow is its soft sponge hand-holder, which offers a comfortable grip and protects your hands while pulling the cart. No more sore or calloused hands after a long day of work! Additionally the 10-inch pneumatic turf tires effortlessly conquer any terrain, whether you're navigating through rocky paths or rolling over bumpy ground. You can count on this wheelbarrow to tackle any challenge Mother Nature throws your way.

    Worried about the assembly process? Fear not! Our Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow is designed with easy assembly in mind. With the included tools, you can effortlessly put it together and have it ready for action in no time. It will quickly become your trusted right-hand man, making gardening and outdoor activities a delightful experience.

    In terms of aesthetics, the Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow sports a vibrant grass green color that adds a touch of freshness to your gardening endeavors. The combination of a sturdy metal frame and durable plastic ensures longevity and reliability, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this wheelbarrow for years to come. We want you to make inflating easy so we added an inflator and a shovel to help you till your garden. 
    Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow with Tire Inflator and Shovel

    The Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow is an indispensable tool for gardening enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Its exceptional features, durable construction, and user-friendly design make it the perfect companion for heavy-duty tasks. This remarkable wheelbarrow will allow you to elevate your gardening and outdoor experience.
    Get your Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow now and discover a new level of convenience and efficiency to tackle heavy-duty tasks! 

    Features and Benefits Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow:

    • UNPARALLELED STRENGTH: The construction of the heavy plastic and steel frame ensures the wheelbarrow can withstand heavy loads and the test of time.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The soft sponge hand-holder offers a comfortable grip, protecting your hands from strain or discomfort.
    • VERSATILE CAPACITY: This Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow accommodates all your hauling needs with a flat platform that supports up to 220 lbs.
    • EFFORTLESS MANEUVERABILITY: The 180-degree turn range of the handle allows for quick and easy transportation, even in tight spaces.
    • DURABILITY AND CONVENIENCE: Sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance, and easily unloading supplies makes your tasks more efficient.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY: With the provided tools, you can quickly assemble your Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow and start using it right away.


    • Main Color: Grass Green
    • Main Material: Metal Frame and Plastic
    • Weight Capacity: 220lbs
    Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
    Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

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