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    Gardening Gloves for Women

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    Introducing our Gardening Gloves for Women, designed to elevate your gardening experience with comfort and durability. Each pack contains 12 gloves, equivalent to 6 pairs, ensuring you have an ample supply for your gardening tasks. Crafted in a versatile medium size, these gloves cater perfectly to the needs of female gardeners.

    Gardening Gloves for Women -Yellow

    Featuring a charming Yellow Floral Pattern, these gloves add a touch of style to your gardening ensemble while providing essential functionality. The PVC Dotted Palm design enhances grip and durability, ensuring you can confidently handle various gardening tools and materials.

    Constructed from a blend of poly and cotton, these gloves offer a soft and warm texture, making them ideal for extended wear during light yard work. The cotton/polyester blend enhances absorbency, keeping your hands comfortable and dry even during prolonged use. Additionally, the knit material allows for excellent ventilation, preventing discomfort during warm weather.

    Gardening Gloves for Women

    These multipurpose gloves are designed for various tasks, from routine cleanup to general gardening activities. The PVC dots on one side of the gloves provide durability and grip, while the uncoated side allows for ventilation, ensuring your hands remain comfortable throughout your gardening sessions.

    Whether you're handling delicate plants, performing general maintenance, or engaging in light yard work, these gloves provide the perfect balance of protection and comfort. The band top adds an extra layer of warmth, making them suitable for use during colder weather as well.

    Invest in our Gardening Gloves for Women and experience versatile protection and comfort for all your household gardening chores. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a seamless gardening experience with our high-quality gloves.

    Versatile Gardening Gloves for Women

    Features and Benefits:

    • VERSATILE DESIGN: Suitable for various gardening tasks, including routine cleanup, light yard work, and general gardening activities.
    • ENHANCED GRIP: PVC Dotted Palm design ensures a secure grip on gardening tools and materials, reducing the risk of slippage and accidents.
    • YELLOW FLORAL PATTERN: Adds a stylish touch to your gardening attire, making these gloves both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from a durable blend of poly and cotton, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your hands.
    • EXCELLENT VENTILATION: Knit material allows for optimal airflow, keeping your hands cool and comfortable even during warm weather conditions.
    • ABSORBENT: Cotton/polyester blend enhances absorbency, keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout your gardening tasks.
    • POLY/COTTON: Soft and warm gives you comfort while working. Highly absorbent, cool, comfortable, and launders extremely well
    • UNCOATED SIDE: Allows ventilation, and enhances your gardening experience by providing comfort and protection.
    • SIX PAIRS OF GLOVES: Ensure you have backups and can easily replace them.


    • Materials: Poly/cotton
    • Size: Medium size
    • Design: Yellow Floral
    • Pattern; PVC Dotted Palm
    • Quantity: 12 gloves; 6 pairs



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