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    3 Pcs Frost Plant Covers, Winter Plant Protector

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    These Frost Plant Covers, are the ultimate solution to safeguard your precious plants during the winter chill. Our set of three plant cover bags is meticulously crafted to ensure the well-being and prosperity of your garden, creating a protective shield against the unforgiving elements that winter brings, such as heavy snow, frost, and strong winds. Not only do these covers act as a defense against harsh weather, but they also serve as a reliable barrier to keep unwanted visitors like birds, insects, and other animals at bay.

    3 Pcs Frost Plants Covers

    Unlike flimsy or excessively thick covers, our plant cover bags are crafted from premium high-strength non-woven fabric. This material provides exceptional durability and breathability, extending the service life of the covers while ensuring optimal air circulation, moisture retention, and sunlight penetration. Your plants will thrive in a protected environment conducive to their growth.

    Winter Plant Protector

    Equipped with a convenient drawstring, our plant protection bags are effortlessly secured by tightening the string rope. The adjustable opening design ensures a snug fit for plants of varying sizes and pots, eliminating the risk of being blown away by strong cold winds. Your plants will stay protected and undisturbed throughout the winter.

    Frost Plants Covers


    Our set of three plant cover bags is versatile and perfect for various gardening needs. Use them to wrap potted plants, citrus trees, shrubs, saplings, vegetables, and other upright plants. Additionally, these covers double as practical storage bags, providing a helping hand in organizing and protecting your gardening essentials.

    3 Pcs Frost Plants Covers

    Invest in the well-being of your garden with Frost Plants Covers – your go-to solution for a flourishing garden, even in the harshest winter conditions.

    Features and Benefits:

    • ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION: Ensure the safety and health of your plants year-round with our Frost Plants Covers, designed to protect against harsh winter conditions, including heavy snow, frost, and strong winds.
    • VERSATILE PLANT PROTECTOR: Act as a reliable shield to keep birds, insects, and other animals away from your delicate plants, providing an all-encompassing defense against potential threats.
    • ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING CLOSURE: Featuring a convenient drawstring closure, our plant cover bags can be easily secured and adjusted to fit a variety of plant sizes and pot dimensions, preventing them from being displaced by strong winds.
    • DURABLE NON-WOVEN FABRIC: Crafted from premium high-strength non-woven fabric, these covers strike the perfect balance between durability and breathability, ensuring long-lasting protection while allowing essential air, moisture, and sunlight to reach your plants.
    • OPTIMAL SIZE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: With dimensions measuring 32.67 inches in width and 43.3 inches in height, our winter plant covers are large enough for most plant types while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. The reusable material offers a practical and eco-friendly solution.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USAGE: Beyond winter plant protection, these covers serve as versatile garden tools suitable for wrapping potted plants, citrus trees, shrubs, saplings, vegetables, and various upright plants. Additionally, they double as convenient storage bags for sundries and gardening essentials.
    • EASY TO STORE AND REUSE: These covers are designed for practicality, offering easy storage when not in use. The reusable nature of the material ensures that they can be efficiently utilized season after season, making them a cost-effective and sustainable gardening solution.


    • ​ Product Type: Plant Cover Bag For Winter
    • Material: Non-Woven Fabric
    • Color: Beige
    • Non-Woven Fabric: 65g/m²
    • Per Item Size: 83x110x0.1cm/32.67x43.3x0.1in
    • Per Item Weight: 147g/0.32lbs
    • Package Size: 30x25x6.5cm/11.81x9.84x2.55in
    • Package Weight: 456g/1lbs

    Package Lists:

    • 3x Plant Cover Bags
    3 Pcs Frost Plant Covers, Winter Plant Protector
    3 Pcs Frost Plant Covers, Winter Plant Protector

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