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    How to Choose Outdoor Storage and Garden Decor

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    How to Choose Outdoor Storage and Garden Decor

    Outdoor places are more treasured than ever. Summer is a fantastic time to clean up outside. Create the ultimate outdoor retreat on a garden, balcony, terrace, rooftop deck, patio, pool or backyard.

    In this article we'll explore a range of inventive garden design and storage alternatives, from lovely garden ornaments to fashionable outdoor furniture, sheds, and storage boxes. We inspire and empower you to create an outdoor haven that reflects your taste and meets your needs by balancing beauty and utility.

    We will also help you find top deals on outdoor products, like a heavy duty shed, outdoor storage box and more. So let's get started to create your dream haven.

    Tips in Choosing Garden Decor and Outdoor Storage

    Tips to help you choose:

    Assess your space:

    Before buying decorations or storage shed, check your outside area. Measure the space, analyze its shape, and identify any characteristics or impediments affecting your options.

    Determine your style:

    Consider the overall theme you'd like to achieve in your garden. This could be contemporary, rustic, minimalist, or eclectic. Your choice of garden decor and outdoor storage should complement and enhance this theme.

    Prioritize functionality:

    Select effective outdoor storage options. Consider a heavy duty storage shed, benches, and cupboards that can store garden tools like shovels and rakes. For weatherproof storage, select products that are made from galvanized steel.

    Storage boxes can store cushions, pool accessories, and smaller garden tools. You can keep outdoor storage boxes on your deck, balcony, or patio.


    Create a realistic budget for outside design and storage items. This will aid decision-making and reduce your expenditure. Large storage sheds are expensive but it can store most of your items safe. Smaller storage sheds are not too expensive to buy but it store few items.

    Consider the materials:

    Choose yard decor and outdoor storage made of durable, and low-maintenance materials. Wrought iron, stone, stainless steel, and weather and UV-resistant teak or cedar are popular top material choices.

    Your design should fit your outdoor place. Huge things can overwhelm a tiny yard, while small things may look unnoticeable in a vast backyard. Select décor and outdoor storage based on yard size.

    Create focal points:

    Create focal spots by strategically placing garden ornaments. Use statues, fountains, or huge planters. These focus pieces should capture attention and give your backyard individuality.

    Consider Lighting:

    Consider lanterns, string lights, or solar-powered lights to create a cozy evening atmosphere. Mesmerizing lighting options will add beauty to your garden deck, patio, balcony, and other outdoor spaces. 

    Encourage wildlife:

    Adding birdbaths, birdhouses, or feeders to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. This can revitalize your yard and improve the environment.

    Be patient and selective:

    Select outdoor decor and outdoor storage carefully. Shop around, and compare costs and goods.

    Our Top Pick Garden Decor

    Here are some of our top pick garden decor in stock at Hardy Garden. These will help you spruce up your outdoor experience.

    Owl Garden Decor | Solar Owl Garden Light

    Our Owl Garden Decor is a charming addition to illuminate and embellish your outdoor space effortlessly. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this owl-shaped path light exudes elegance and durability, surpassing other stainless steel solar lights in strength and longevity. With its automatic switch button, this outdoor solar light seamlessly transitions from day to night, illuminating your garden with its warm radiance at dusk and conserving energy during daylight hours.

    Drunk Gnomes - 4Pcs

    4Pcs Garden Gnomes

    These drunk gnomes will add a touch of vintage charm to any garden, lawn, deck or patio! Our 4 pcs drunken gnomes for garden will bring a smile to friends, family, customers, neighbors, or anyone's face. The amazingly detailed and hand-painted design will surely be your garden's eye-catching and unique centerpiece.

    Watering Can with Solar Lights

    The Enchanted Watering Can










    This captivating solar watering can transforms your outdoor place into an enchanting wonderland. This extraordinary garden accent combines the charm of a vintage watering can with the mesmerizing beauty of cascading lights, creating an ethereal, one-of-a-kind ambiance.

    5. Bird Feeder

    Bird Feeder

    Our charming Solar Bird Feeder is an eco-friendly way to welcome birds to visit. Bird Feeders with Solar Light will feed birds and enchant your garden, lawn, deck or patio.

    Our Solar Bird Feeder enhances your outside experience and gives birds a peaceful home. The solar-powered illumination creates a lovely atmosphere, attracting birds to feed and play.

    6. Blue Swing Seats with Pillows

    Blue Swing Seats with Person sitting in it on a shady deck

    This Rope Hanging Chair is in a beautiful shade of blue - the perfect addition to your outdoor relaxation space! This stylish and comfortable Blue Swing Seats with Pillows is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Whether you're reading a book, sipping a drink, or simply enjoying the view, a hanging chair like this can provide a unique and enjoyable experience you won't soon forget.

    Our Best Garden Storage Solutions

    Gardening Tool Shed

    Wooden Gardening Tool Shed

    This Gardening Tool Shed is made of wood. This will keep your gardening tools and equipment organized and protected. Our Wooden Tools Shed is built to last and withstand the elements ensuring your tools and accessories stay safe and dry. It's perfect for organizing tools, pots, soil enhancers, and other gardening items.

    Gardener's Tool Shed, Garden Shed with Lock

    Gardener's Tool Shed, Garden Shed with Lock

    This beautiful, durable, secure, and space-saving Gardener's Tool Shed meets all your gardening needs. This Garden Shed with Lock is perfect for storing everything for your backyard, lawn, or garden.

    The solid metal construction protects your tools and equipment from the weather and enhances your outside environment. The Gardener's Tool Shed's lockable door provides peace of mind that your expensive gardening tools are safe. Unlike small outdoor storage shed this can store even your largest tools.

    113 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container 

    130 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container with Lockable Lid

    This 130-gallon patio furniture and deck box is an ideal outdoor storage solution. It can store outdoor cushions, toys, garden tools, pool accessories and sports equipment, among other things. The lockable lid ensures extra security.

    110 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

    110 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

    This elegant and spacious storage chest is designed to keep your outdoor area looking tidy and organized, allowing you to enjoy a serene and clutter-free environment.

    These are some popular brands and selections of the best products in our garden store.

    Importance of Garden Decor and Outdoor Storage

    Here are some key reasons why decoration and outdoor storage options are important:

    Beautiful backyard with water feature
    1. Aesthetics: Garden ornaments beautify your yard and express your style. Yard ornaments, sculptures, and water features can make a boring yard lovely.

    2. Functionality: Outdoor storage shed or boxes keep your outdoor spaces tidy and efficient. Sheds, storage benches, and cupboards manage gardening tools, equipment, and supplies.

    3. Comfort and relaxation: Outdoor seats, hammocks, and gazebos may create relaxing and communal settings. These aspects make your outdoor haven an inviting place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

    4. Creating focal points: Outdoor design can add depth and character by creating unique focal points. Statues, fountains, and giant plants create aesthetic interest and balance.

    5. Enhancing the ambiance: Your garden's decor can establish the mood. Lanterns, string lights, and solar-powered lights may make evenings cozy.

    6. Encouraging wildlife: Bird baths, feeders, and houses bring birds and other wildlife to your yard. This gives your yard life and improves the environment.

    7. Personalization: Outdoor storage or ornaments let you show your style. Select distinctive decor and outdoor storage to make your yard reflect your flair.

    8. Increases property value: A beautiful yard can boost your home's value. As an extra living space, appealing outside spaces entice buyers.


    Finally, garden design and storage are critical in making outdoor areas into individual havens that offer a variety of leisure, entertainment, and a chance to reconnect with nature.

    We encourage you to unleash your creativity and make your gardens an extension of your style. Make your outside space a thriving oasis explicitly designed for you. Take the opportunity to create your dream haven and take your outdoor living experience to new heights.

    Visit Hardy Garden today to see our extensive garden decor and storage solutions collection. Different, sizes and options of popular products can help you change your dull space into a relaxing and beautiful space.

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