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    Planter Box with Trellis

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    Transform your garden with our Planter Box with Trellis, crafted to elevate your planting experience. Made from 100% solid fir wood, this planter offers unparalleled durability and stability, ensuring a reliable haven for your plants to thrive indoors or outdoors.

    Planter Box with Trellis

    Featuring a deep planting box with a scientific 6.5'' depth, your plants can establish healthy roots for optimal growth. The inclusion of a drainage hole prevents waterlogging and safeguards against root rot, promoting the longevity of your greenery.

    Designed with mobility in mind, this planter comes equipped with four universal wheels, two of which are lockable, ensuring effortless relocation without compromising stability, even on uneven terrain.

    Planter Box with Trellis

    Our multifunctional climbing trellis adds versatility to your garden, serving as an ideal support for climbing plants or as a hanging rack for potted plants, enriching the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. The trellis design also aids taller plants, preventing maldevelopment and fostering robust growth.

    Enhance your gardening endeavors with our Planter Box with Trellis and unlock endless possibilities for cultivating a vibrant and flourishing garden of vegetables, flowers, or fruits.

    Features and Benefits:

    • SOLID FIR WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from 100% natural fir wood, this planter box offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring stability and longevity for your plants.
    • DEEP PLANTING BOX: The scientifically designed 6.5'' depth of the planting box provides ample space for roots to grow, promoting healthy and robust plant development.
    • DRAINAGE HOLE: Equipped with a drainage hole at the bottom, this planter box prevents water accumulation and root rot, maintaining optimal soil moisture levels for your plants.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLIMBING TRELLIS: The integrated trellis design supports climbing plants and can also be utilized as a hanging rack for potted plants, adding versatility to your garden space.
    • LOCKABLE UNIVERSAL WHEELS: Four universal wheels allow for easy mobility, while two lockable wheels ensure stability, making it effortless to move the planter box from one location to another.
    • VERSATILE: With its water-resistant, warp-resistant, and rot-resistant properties, this planter box with trellis is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, adding charm and functionality to any space.


    • Color: Natural
    • Material: Fir wood
    • Product Dimensions: 25'' x 11'' x 32.5'' (L x W x H)
    • Net Weight: 10 lbs
    • Weight Capacity of Plant Bed: 66 lbs
    • Weight Capacity of Plant Trellis: 11 lbs
    Planter Box with Trellis
    Planter Box with Trellis

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