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    Mini Garden Tools | Miniature Gardening Tools

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    Introducing our Mini Garden Tools, the perfect set of miniature gardening tools for all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. This tool set includes essential tools for transplanting flowers, and vegetables, and maintaining your mini garden with ease.

    The set features a soil shovel cup, perfect for shoveling soil and transplanting seedlings into flower pots. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling and efficient soil transfer. Additionally, the hole punch tool makes it easy to drill holes in the soil for seamless seedling transplantation.

    Mini Garden Tools

    For delicate tasks such as transplanting seedlings and trimming roots, the seedling device with a split end is indispensable. Its design allows for precise handling and gentle lifting of seedlings without damaging the roots. The scoop is perfect for tasks like shoveling soil and the scissors for trimming plant leaves and roots with precision.

    To tackle pests and dust in your mini garden, the set includes elbow tweezers for precise bug removal and a cleaning brush for dusting plant leaves. The soft bristles of the cleaning brush ensure gentle cleaning without harming the plants.

    Miniature Gardening Tools

    For maintaining proper hydration of your mini plants, the set includes an air blow tool for blowing off dust and water droplets from plant blades, as well as a watering can with an elbow and thin mouth for deep watering into the leaves. Both tools ensure your plants receive the right amount of moisture for healthy growth.

    Mini Garden Tools

    The set also includes a soil change pad to prevent soiling of your desktop or floor during transplanting or soil changes. Its durable material provides a protective barrier while working on your mini garden.

    Overall, our Mini Garden Tools set is a must-have for any miniature gardening enthusiast, providing all the essential tools for maintaining a beautiful and thriving mini garden.

     Features and Benefits:

    • VERSATILE THIRTEEN-PIECE SET: Includes essential tools for transplanting flowers, vegetables, and maintaining mini gardens.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Each tool is designed for comfortable handling and efficient use, reducing strain during gardening tasks.
    • PRECISION TOOLS: Seedling device and elbow tweezers allow for precise handling of seedlings and pests, ensuring minimal damage to plants.
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability for repeated use.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning brush with soft bristles makes it easy to clean plant leaves without causing damage.
    • EFFICIENT WATERING: Watering can with an elbow and thin mouth allows for deep watering into plant leaves, promoting healthy growth.
    • PROTECTIVE SOIL CHANGE PAD: Prevents soiling of desktop or floor during transplanting or soil changes, keeping your workspace clean.
    • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Miniature size makes it easy to store and transport, ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
    • PERFECT GIFT: This makes for an excellent gift for gardening enthusiasts, providing convenience and precision for their gardening endeavors.


    • Materials: ABS + stainless steel
    • Color: Black
    • Number of Tools: 13 pcs

    1. Cleaning brush (about 10.5cm)
    2. Seedling device (about 14cm)
    3. Hole punch (about 14.5cm)
    4. Scoop (about 15cm)
    5. Shovel cup (about 16cm)
    6. Small rake (about 16.5cm)
    7 Shovel (about 20cm)
    8. Pointed shovel(about 21cm)
    9. Spray bottle (about 300ml)
    10. Air blow (about 15cm)
    11. Elbow tweezers (about 12cm)
    12. Small scissors (about 11cm)
    13. Watering bottle (about 250ml)
    14. Soil changing mat (tiling 50 x 50cm)
    15. Storage bag (22 x 18 x 8cm)


    Mini Garden Tools | Miniature Gardening Tools
    Mini Garden Tools | Miniature Gardening Tools

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