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    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

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    Introducing our 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights, the perfect blend of elegance and efficiency for illuminating your outdoor spaces. Crafted with precision and care, these lights are designed to enhance the beauty of your garden, lawn, pathways, and borders. Here's what makes them a must-have addition to your outdoor decor.

    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    Featuring a total of 60 LED lights, our Solar Garden Lights create a stunning visual effect reminiscent of a small tree adorned with glowing leaves. Each LED is delicately housed within a leaf-shaped casing, adding whimsy and charm to your outdoor environment.

    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    Powered by the sun's energy, these garden lights require just 6-8 hours of sunlight to reach full charge, providing up to 8 hours of enchanting illumination. With two lighting modes to choose from - flash and constant brightness - you have the flexibility to tailor the ambiance of your garden to your liking.

    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    Crafted from premium wire and ABS plastic, our Solar Garden Lights are built to withstand the elements. Rated IP65 waterproof and heatproof, they remain resilient in the face of rain, snow, or intense heat, ensuring long-lasting brightness and performance.

    Water Proof Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    Illuminate your outdoor oasis with style and efficiency with our 3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights. Experience the magic of enchanting illumination while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor decor.

    60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

    Features and Benefits:

    • 60 LED LIGHTS: Each light features 60 LED bulbs arranged to resemble delicate leaves, adding a charming touch of nature to your outdoor space.
    • SOLAR POWERED: Powered by solar energy, these lights require only 6-8 hours of sunlight to fully charge, providing up to 8 hours of illumination, making them energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
    • TWO LIGHTING MODES: Choose between steady glow or flashing modes to suit your garden's ambiance and decoration preferences, offering versatility and flexibility in design.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: With a user-friendly design and clear instructions, installation is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to effortlessly decorate your garden or pathway.
    • AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: Once installed, the lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, eliminating the need for manual operation and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
    • IP65 WATERPROOF: Built to withstand the elements, these lights have an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh weather conditions.
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from premium wire and ABS plastic, these lights are sturdy and resistant to rust, ensuring long-lasting performance and brightness.
    • VERSATILE USE: Suitable for various outdoor spaces including gardens, patios, trees, lawns, flowerbeds, fences, and walkways, these lights add an elegant touch to any landscape.

    1. How long the light illuminates depends on your location, weather conditions, and availability of seasonal light.

    2. Choose an outdoor location with full direct sunlight where the Solar panel can receive at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Shady locations will adversely affect the battery and shorten the working time of the light at night.

    3. The selected location should not be near strong lighting sources such as streetlights, which may cause the LED light to turn off automatically as there is a sensor inside to detect brightness and control the light.

    4. If the Solar light does not turn on automatically at night after 6 hours of charging during the day, please check the following:
    (1) Check the battery to ensure it is contacting the terminals.
    (2) Be sure the Solar light is in a sunny location and not in a shady area. The Solar panel should face the sun.


    • Material: ABS Plastic + Metal
    • Quantity of Item: 3 Pcs
    • Quantity of Bulbs: 20 Bulbs/ Item x 3 Pcs
    • Colors Available: White Light, Color Light
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • Solar Panel: Polycrystalline 2V/ 80mA
    • Rechargeable Battery: 1.2V 600mAh Ni-MH Battery (Included)
    • Rated Power: 3W
    • Light Modes: On/Flash
    • Light Mode for Colored Lights: Gradient Color
    • Light Mode for White Lights: White
    • Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
    • Light Runtime: about 8 hours
    • Light Control: Auto ON/OFF after First Manual Powering On
    • Tree Branch Lights Height: 63cm/ 24.8in
    • Interval of Each Tree Branch Light: 104cm/ 41in
    • Wire Length: 2m/ 78.7in
    • Leaf Size: 5x2cm/ 1.97x0.79in (L x W)
    • Solar Panel Box Size: 7.8x5.2x2.2cm/ 3.07x2.05x0.87in (L x W x H)
    • Stake Length (for LED Lights): 16.5cm/ 6.5in
    • Stake Length (for Solar Panel): 16cm/ 6.3in
    • Product Total Weight: 404.5g/ 0.89lbs

    Package Lists:

    • 3 × Solar Garden Lights (with One Solar Panel)
    • 1 × User Manual
    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights
    3 Pcs 60 LED Leaf Branch Solar Garden Lights

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