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    Hydroponics Growing System - Agrestem

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    Experience the joy of indoor gardening year-round with our Hydroponics Growing System. This innovative countertop garden allows you to cultivate up to 12 different plants simultaneously, from vegetables and herbs to vibrant flowers—all without the mess of soil.

    Featuring a powerful 36W LED grow light with a full spectrum to simulate natural sunlight, our system ensures plants germinate up to 5 times faster compared to traditional soil-based methods. 

    Hydroponics Growing System - Agrestem

    Our smart touch-sensitive control panel makes gardening effortless, reminding you when to add water and plant food. Choose between Vegetable Mode and Flower Mode to activate tailored lighting, mimicking sunrise and sunset for a perfect 16-hour cycle.

    Hydroponics Growing System with 2 Modes

    With adjustable height up to 28 inches, this versatile system accommodates both short and tall plants. The 5-liter water tank and automatic circulation system ensure plants receive optimal hydration, supported by a noise reduction pump for increased oxygenation.

    28" Adjustable Hydroponics Growing System

    Transform your indoor space into a flourishing garden oasis with our Hydroponics Growing System—where fresh harvests and beautiful blooms are just a touch away.

    Buy now and elevate your indoor gardening journey today!

    Hydroponics Growing System - Agrestem

    Features and Benefits:

    • SPACE FOR 12 PLANTS: This compact countertop garden provides ample room for up to 12 different plants simultaneously, maximizing your growing capacity. Grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers indoors without soil, allowing for harvests regardless of the season.
    • POWERFUL 36W FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT: Simulates natural sunlight, accelerating plant germination up to 5 times faster than traditional soil-based methods.
    • SMART CONTROL PANEL: Touch-sensitive illuminated control panel guides you through the gardening process, reminding you when to add water and plant food for optimal plant health.
    • TWO SMART MODES: Choose between Vegetable Mode and Flower Mode to activate specific light settings tailored for different plant types, mimicking natural light cycles for ideal growth conditions.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The system's height can be adjusted up to 28 inches, accommodating various plant sizes for maximum versatility.
    • 5-LITER WATER TANK AND AUTOMATIC WATER CIRCULATION SYSTEM: Ensuring plants receive consistent hydration and oxygenation for healthy growth.
    • QUIET PUMP: Enhances water oxygenation and plant nutrient absorption, promoting robust and vibrant plant development.
    • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Simplifies indoor gardening with a compact and efficient layout, perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or any indoor space. Enjoy a worry-free gardening experience with automated features that take the guesswork out of plant care.


    • Color: White
    • Plant Capacity: Up to 12 different plants
    • Grow Light Type: Full spectrum LED grow light
    • Power: 36W
    • Water Tank Capacity: 5 liters
    • Dimensions: As Shown in the Picture
    Hydroponics Growing System - Agrestem
    Hydroponics Growing System - Agrestem

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