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    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

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     Take Control of Your Garden’s Hydration

    This advanced 4-Zone Programmable Water Timer lets you manage up to four watering zones independently, perfect for sprinklers, lawns, plant beds, and more. Customize watering schedules with ease and precision, thanks to the intuitive 3.4-inch LED display and user-friendly interface.

    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

    With automatic, manual, and rain delay modes, you can set personalized schedules that cater to your garden’s unique needs. Whether you want to water daily, on specific days, or every other week, our water timer makes it simple. 

    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

    Crafted from high-quality black plastic, our water timer is built to withstand harsh sunlight and resist water damage, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its leak-proof zinc tap connector fits standard 3/4 sprinkler systems and handles water pressure up to 120 psi, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With five simple buttons and a flashing cursor, programming your water timer is straightforward and hassle-free.

    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

    Enjoy a worry-free vacation or busy week knowing your garden is well cared for. Elevate your garden care routine with the 4-Zone Programmable Water Timer—effortless, efficient, and designed with your convenience in mind.

    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

    Features and Benefits:

    • 4-ZONE CONTROL: Manage up to four independent watering zones simultaneously, perfect for diverse garden layouts. 
    • VERSATILE PROGRAMMING: Create customized watering schedules from 1 to 360 minutes, tailored to specific days, intervals, or weekly cycles.
    • MULTIPLE MODES: Includes automatic, manual, and rain delay modes for flexible and efficient watering control.
    • USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: 3.4-inch LCD screen with intuitive controls and clear display for easy programming.
    • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with standard 3/4 sprinkler systems and capable of handling water pressure up to 120 psi.
    • LOW BATTERY ALERT: Ensures uninterrupted operation with timely notifications for battery replacement.
    •  PAUSE FUNCTION: Prevents over-watering during rainy days, conserving water and promoting healthier plant growth.


    • Number of Zones: 4 zones
    • Programming Options: Customizable watering schedules from 1 to 360 minutes
    • Display: 3.4-inch LCD screen
    • Materials: ABS plastic construction with zinc connector
    • Compatibility: Standard 3/4 sprinkler systems
    • Water Pressure Capacity: Up to 120 psi
    • Dimensions: As seen in the picture
    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer Dimensions
    4-Zone Programmable Water Timer

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