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    About Us

    At we are working to supply gardeners like you with the
    knowledge, handy products, and supreme service to create the yard or
    garden of your dreams. We strive to provide you with the peaceful and
    informative experience you obtain from a traditional garden center while
    providing savings on product selections found in the large discount chains. is your online destination for all garden supplies. We give
    you the resources and information to make sure your garden is hardy and
    creates the outdoor space you desire.

    Grow Together With Hardy Garden

    We believe healthy plants are essential to our existence.

    We believe ‘natural’ makes a difference.

    We believe maintaining vibrant soil is essential to our plants and our own
    We believe getting our hands dirty, cleanses the soul.

    We believe gardening can be a spiritual experience.

    We believe your plants deserve more than N-P-K.

    Your garden and flora are extensions of your home. Today backyards are
    outdoor living spaces, and we want yours to be the envy of your friends and

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    Our clients are important to us. Besides providing you with gardening
    resources, we strive to ensure every interaction you have with us is a positive
    one that surpasses your expectations. We will ensure an exceptional
    customer service experience with rapid order processing, fast shipping times,
    and an effortless return experience.

    Whether you are a first-time visitor or long-standing client, we hope you will
    be elated with every aspect of your Hardy Garden experience!
    We are constantly reevaluating ourselves so that we may be the best for you
    and ourselves. We always value and welcome feedback you may have
    whether it be positive or constructive as we are continuously working to
    improve your experience with us!

    If you have any thoughts or need to reach out to us, please don't hesitate to
    reach out to us via our contact page and one of our reps will reply within
    24hrs, we're always happy to help!

    Wishing you all the best,
    The Hardy Garden Team