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    74 x 47cm Adjustable Snowmobile Shovel

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    Don't let snow accumulation put a damper on your day! 

    This 74 x 47cm Adjustable Snowmobile Shovel, is designed to make snow removal a breeze. Gone are the days of tedious bending, lifting, and throwing. With our innovative snow shovel, all you need is a simple, forward-pushing motion to clear the path.

    74 x 47cm Adjustable Snowmobile Shovel

    Constructed with a durable metal frame and exceptional workmanship, this shovel promises both speed and efficiency. Its adjustable push rod not only offers flexibility in clearing snow but also ensures you can work at various positions and angles for optimal comfort. Additionally, soft pads on the handle ensure your snow-clearing sessions are always comfortable, even during those extended winter mornings.
    Snowmobile Shovel

    To ensure stability and enhanced control, our snowmobile shovel comes equipped with two large wheels, enabling smoother movement and reducing the strain on your hands and back. Its high-pit shovel design ensures that a significant amount of snow is removed with every push, making it an ideal choice for clearing driveways, roads, or sidewalks.

    Don't let snowfall get the better of you this winter. Equip yourself with the best and make snow-clearing a hassle-free task. Order now and transform your snow-clearing game forever! Say goodbye to back-breaking snow removal and hello to a clear path. Order your Snowmobile Shovel today and easily clean the snow!

    Features and Benefits

    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Eliminate the need for bending, lifting, and throwing with our snowmobile shovel's intuitive pushing motion. The design is engineered to reduce physical strain, making snow removal a breeze.
    • DURABLE METAL STRUCTURE: Built to last, our snow shovel features a robust metal construction, ensuring it can tackle heavy snowfall. 
    • QUICK SNOW PLOUGHING: The combination of excellent workmanship and a high pit shovel allows for rapid and effective snow removal, perfect for clearing driveways, roads, and sidewalks.
    • ADJUSTABLE PUSH ROD: Tailor your snow removal experience with an adjustable push rod, enabling you to work at various positions and angles for maximum efficiency.
    • COMFORTABLE HANDLING: Soft pads on the handle provide a comfortable grip, enhancing your snow shoveling experience even in the coldest conditions.
    • STABLE CONTROL: Navigate through snow with ease thanks to two large wheels that offer steady and controlled pushing.


    • Color: Yellow and Black
    • Material: Steel, rubber
    • Dimensions: 74x47 cm
    74 x 47cm Adjustable Snowmobile Shovel
    74 x 47cm Adjustable Snowmobile Shovel

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