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    Pyramid Raised Garden, Modular Planter

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    This Pyramid Raised Garden is the perfect Modular Planter for cultivating a love for gardening in your little ones! This DIY Garden Bed Kit for Kids is not just a fun outdoor activity but also an educational experience. The kit includes a printable booklet, making it an exciting and informative adventure for both adults and children.

    Pyramid Raised Garden

    Designed with the utmost care, our Open Bottom Planter ensures optimal water drainage and promotes healthy root growth. This makes it an ideal choice for growing a variety of plants, from herbs and vegetables to vibrant flowers, in your garden, patio, yard, or even greenhouse. The versatility of this planter doesn't stop there - with 2 layout options, you can either stack the four squares to create a charming pyramid planter or align them in one corner for a cascading raised bed, maximizing your space.

    Modular Planter

    Crafted from top-quality materials, our raised flower bed is made from an innovative, highly rigid, and eco-friendly composite recycled plastic. Rest easy knowing that it is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and built to withstand the elements. Unlike traditional materials, it will not degrade, shred, or tear, ensuring a durable and long-lasting addition to your outdoor space.

    Pyramid Raised Garden

    Create lasting memories with your children as you embark on a gardening journey together. Nurture their curiosity and love for nature with this engaging and practical Pyramid Raised Garden. Bring joy to your outdoor space while fostering valuable lessons about responsibility, growth, and the environment.

     Modular Planter

    Order your DIY Garden Bed Kit for Kids now and watch your little ones blossom into enthusiastic gardeners! Cultivate, educate, and grow together. Start your gardening adventure today!

    Features and Benefits:

    • DIY GARDEN BED KIT: Turning gardening into a fun and educational outdoor activity. Engage in a fun and educational outdoor activity with your children.
    • VERSATILE DESIGN: Two layout options provide flexibility. Stack the four squares to create a pyramid planter or align them for a cascade raised bed, maximizing space and design options.
    • OPEN BOTTOM PLANTER: Ensures ideal water drainage and promotes healthy root growth. Perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, and plants in various outdoor settings, such as the garden, patio, yard, or greenhouse.
    • TOP-QUALITY MATERIAL: Crafted from an innovative, highly rigid, composite recycled plastic. Non-toxic and environmentally safe, it will not degrade, shred, or tear, making it suitable for long-lasting outdoor use.
    • MODULAR DESIGN: Consists of four different-sized squares. The modular nature allows for easy assembly and customization.
    • SUPPORT STAKES INCLUDED: Comes with four support stakes for added stability. Easily driven into the ground, these stakes ensure that your garden bed remains secure and upright.
    • OUTDOOR DURABILITY: Designed specifically for outdoor use, providing a durable and weather-resistant solution for your gardening endeavors.
    • PRINTABLE BOOKLET: The included booklet enhances the educational aspect, providing valuable information and guidance for both parents and children.


    • Material: Hugh Quality Plastic
    • Dimensions: Small 13"; medium 19"; Large 23"; Extra-large 32"
    • Color: Grey



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