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    164FT/50M Garden Drip Irrigation System, Drip Irrigation Kit

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    Transform your gardening experience with our Garden Drip Irrigation Kit, a must-have for every plant enthusiast! Unleash the power of precision watering with our 164FT/50M Greenhouse Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation System. Whether it's your lawn, patio, greenhouse, or flower bed, this system is versatile enough to cater to various irrigation needs, including roof cooling, agriculture, and swimming pool misting.

    Drip Irrigation Kit

    Our kit is your gardening companion, equipped with three adjustable sprinkler heads. Tailor the irrigation mode to your plants' unique requirements – be it micro drip, sprinkler, or general watering. Meet the diverse water needs of your garden effortlessly.

    164FT/50M Garden Drip Irrigation System

    Conserve water while nourishing your plants! Our Garden Drip Irrigation Kit ensures minimal water loss by delivering a slow and precise stream directly to the roots. Efficient watering has never been this eco-friendly!

    Drip Irrigation System

    No more digging or plumbing headaches! Our kit is designed for simplicity. Assembly is a breeze – just plug in the fittings and drippers, and you're ready to transform your garden into a thriving oasis. No specialized skills are required; just connect, water, and watch your garden flourish!

    Garden Drip Irrigation System

    Experience the latest in irrigation innovation! Our garden watering system features a cutting-edge 4x6-WAY CONNECTOR that divides water into 16 tributaries, boosting water pressure and resolving end-of-system water shortages. It's a game-changer that caters to all your watering needs.

    164FT/50M Garden Drip Irrigation System

    Elevate your gardening game with our Garden Drip Irrigation Kit – the epitome of convenience, efficiency, and precision. Get yours today and witness the transformation in your garden's vitality!

    Features and Benefits:

    •  164FT/50M OF 1/4" BLANK OUTLET PIPE: Enabling you to effortlessly cover a large area and water all your plants at once. No more tedious manual watering—just turn on the tap and watch your garden thrive.
    • VERSATILE SPRINKLER HEADS:  Whether you need micro drip, sprinkler, or general watering, our system caters to the specific needs of different plants, ensuring they receive the right amount of water for optimal growth.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: No need for specialized skills or complex tools. Our kit is designed for hassle-free assembly—simply plug in the fittings and drippers. Say goodbye to the frustration of digging or dealing with complicated plumbing; start watering your plants immediately with ease.
    • INNOVATIVE 4X6-WAY CONNECTOR: Experience the future of irrigation with our unique design. The 4x6-WAY CONNECTOR divides water into 16 tributaries, effectively increasing water pressure and solving the common issue of water shortage at the end of the irrigation system. This upgrade ensures uniform watering for your entire garden.
    • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION: From lawns and patios to greenhouses and flower beds, our Garden Drip Irrigation Kit is designed to meet diverse watering needs. Whether you're engaged in agriculture or seeking efficient roof cooling, this versatile system adapts to various environments, making it an essential tool for any gardening


    • Length: 50M
    • Diameter: 1/4"



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