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    30" Snow Shovel with Wheels

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    Tired of struggling with heavy snowfall during the frigid winter months?

    Our top-of-the-line 30" Snow Shovel with Wheels is here to make your snow clearing tasks an absolute breeze. With this exceptional snow shovel in your hands, you'll conquer even the harshest winters with ease! Designed to outperform ordinary snow shovels, our product boasts a remarkable combination of durability and convenience.

    Wonman Cleaning Snow Using 30 Snow Shovel
    Equipped with a heavy-duty snow blade and two practical wheels, this snow shovel allows you to remove larger amounts of snow in record time effortlessly. No more backbreaking labor or hours spent battling the cold outdoors! Crafted from premium-grade galvanized metal, the snow blade of our shovel guarantees exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring it can withstand the toughest snow-clearing challenges.
    Eggortless Cleaning with 30 Snow Shovel
    We understand the importance of comfort during those long winter hours, so we've engineered our snow shovel with your needs in mind. The adjustable handle offers five different angles, allowing you to find the perfect position that suits your unique physique and snow-clearing style. Say goodbye to awkward positions and hello to a comfortable and ergonomic snow-clearing experience.
    30 Snow Shovel with Adjustable Handle and Blade

    Not only does our 30" Snow Shovel deliver outstanding performance, it's also incredibly practical. Its compact size provides superior control and maneuverability compared to bulkier, gasoline-powered alternatives. 

    30 Snow Shovel with Wheels

    Don't let winter's wrath catch you off guard. Arm yourself with the 30" Snow Shovel, the ultimate snow-clearing companion. With its unbeatable features, heavy-duty construction, and effortless maneuverability, this shovel will revolutionize how you handle snow removal.
    30 Snow Shovel

    Order your snow shovel now, embrace winter like never before, and make your snow-clearing tasks a walk in the park!

    Features and Benefits:

    • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE & BLADE: Offers five different angles, allowing you to find the perfect position that suits your unique physique and snow-clearing style.
    • EQUIPPED WITH TWO BIG WHEELS: Having two large wheels makes clearing snow much quicker. No backpain when pushing the load of snow.
    • 30-INCH WIDE BLADE: Designed to remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. It lets you quickly clear away snow, making your outdoor spaces safe and accessible.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Easy to maneuver, making them convenient for users of all ages and physical abilities. They are also portable, allowing you to transport them to different areas that need snow removal easily.
    • VERSATILE: Can be used for various purposes. Aside from snow removal, they can be handy for moving loose materials like gravel or dirt.
    • COST-EFFECTIVE: More affordable than complex snow removals equipment like blowers or plows. 


    • Weight: 26.5 lb
    • Snow blade material: Galvanized metal
    • Blade size: 30" x 18.1" (W x H)
    • Wheel diameter: 9.8"
    • Handle bar length: 40.6"
    30" Snow Shovel with Wheels
    30" Snow Shovel with Wheels

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